OptiCat Launches New Offerings for Automotive Aftermarket Data Suppliers and Data Receivers

APRIL 28, 2014 – SOUTH JORDAN, Utah – OptiCat LLC, the leading supplier of data services for automotive aftermarket suppliers and data receivers, announced today that its programs used by data suppliers and receivers to supply and access supplier catalog data have received important enhancements that will provide increased flexibility and value. These enhancements are provided at no cost to data receivers. 

“These new OptiCat programs add significant value to both suppliers and data receivers such that products will reach the market faster with fewer catalog errors related to data translation problems,” said Charley Johnson, OptiCat CEO. “More profitable operations will result for suppliers and receivers."

Enhancements announced today include:

OptiCat can now receive supplier product attribute data in flat file form via its OnBoard program and export it in PIES format to data receivers via its OnDemand program. This will assist non-PIES compliant suppliers and their data receivers to communicate more effectively.

Data receivers using OptiCat’s OnDemand program will be able to specify custom PIES data output formats, in XML or flat file structures, based on the PIES data standard. This capability integrates with the OnBoard data import capability described above. Therefore, if the data receiver’s systems require specific portions of the PIES data that are resident in the OptiCat data repository, these can be custom specified by the receivers or by suppliers acting on the receiver’s behalf.

OptiCat has added the new “OnMail” option of data delivery for suppliers and receivers that uses a secure e-mail delivery program. Many data receivers prefer to receive supplier data from the OptiCat data repository via the OnDemand FTP delivery program after they have been automatically informed by OptiCat that supplier data is available. However, some receivers prefer to receive the data immediately on its release by the supplier via e-mail. OptiCat OnMail immediately delivers the data to the receiver. This eliminates the separate action of the supplier having to deliver the data to each potential receiver desiring the e-mail data delivery approach, thereby saving significant effort. Under OnMail, the data receiver is not required to request the information from OptiCat’s data repository, rather the suppliers and receivers will specify to OptiCat which receivers are to use the method of delivery so that proper security protocols can be maintained. This is expected to appeal to many data receivers which are accustomed to receiving data via e-mail.

OptiCat now provides BrandAAIAID support for supplier data that require it, such as Amazon.

About OptiCat LLC:

OptiCat (www.opticat.net) is the leading supplier data management company focused on the acquisition, consolidation and distribution of product attributes, application information and digital assets for automotive parts. OptiCat serves the data needs of suppliers and receivers with programs that increase data speed-to-market and accuracy, improve business performance and enhance brand value, leading to increased sales and profits for automotive aftermarket suppliers and receivers. OptiCat is owned by the Motor & Equipment Manufacturers Association (MEMA), TecAlliance and key supplier investors.

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