OptiCat Introduces “OnBoard Pro”, incorporating “OnTarget Pro”, now providing ACES Comparisons Capability

MAY 29, 2014 – SOUTH JORDAN, Utah – OptiCat LLC, a leading automotive aftermarket supplier data management company, is dedicated to assisting suppliers and parts selling outlets such as retailers and wholesalers in getting high quality, accurate catalog data to market faster, thereby providing more selling opportunities for the entire automotive aftermarket industry supply chain. Today OptiCat announced the introduction of “OnBoard Pro,” a significant enhancement to its OnBoard data repository product, which incorporates the new, enhanced "OnTarget Pro" validation capability. This new product enhancement allows suppliers to compare new ACES data submissions with previous submissions, thus helping to ensure that inadvertent changes, including dropped applications, were not made to the data prior to communicating with their customers.

“This new capability has consistently been sought by suppliers and will allow them to monitor and control their data integrity much more effectively,” said Charley Johnson, OptiCat CEO. “It allows suppliers to see changes such as new or deleted vehicles, new or deleted parts, and other pertinent data changes from file-to-file.”

Using OptiCat’s OnBoard Pro, suppliers will be able to review the integrity of their files in the data repository, insure that no applications were lost, and communicate effectively and efficiently with customers (data receivers) on changes to ACES catalog data. While the new OnTarget Pro validation program section of OnBoard Pro runs on the supplier’s local computers (like OnTarget Basic that is still available as a stand-alone validation product) it requires that suppliers use the OnBoard Pro data repository program to access prior data files. It also allows visibility of data receiver quality requirements via OptiCat's OnDemand program, the receiver data portal.

OptiCat introduced OnTarget Basic, its ACES catalog data validation product, in January 2014. In April, OptiCat introduced the ability for data receivers to specify their data quality requirements, by data category, via the new “On Target with Receiver Requirements” program. Both these validation capabilities are now combined in OnTarget Pro.

“Using these products allows suppliers to know that their data fits customer requirements prior to sending it,” commented Bryan Thueson, OptiCat COO. “This process ultimately reduces time needed to get new supplier catalog data to market by minimizing the practice of data ‘ping-ponging’ ... going back and forth with data receivers to achieve acceptable data quality. To achieve this level of product performance, OptiCat has worked closely with data receivers to ensure that its validation product meets their needs.”

About OptiCat LLC:

OptiCat (www.opticat.net) is a leading supplier data management company focused on helping the automotive parts supply chain sell more parts through the acquisition, validation, consolidation and distribution of product attributes, application information and digital assets for automotive parts. OptiCat serves the data needs of suppliers and receivers with programs that increase data speed-to-market and data accuracy while improving business performance and enhancing brand value, leading to increased sales and profits for automotive aftermarket suppliers and receivers. OptiCat is owned by the Motor & Equipment Manufacturers Association (MEMA), TecAlliance and key supplier investors.

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