Opticat OnPoint Newsletter, Issue 2

JANUARY 24, 2015 – Executive Points

Welcome to 2015!  The OptiCat Team is excited to provide you with our new Newsletter, “OnPoint” Volume 1, Issue 2, as we reach out to share effective insights into important OptiCat product developments and tips that can help your business work better! Here are some of the “Points” covered in this issue:

  • The new OnBoard Pro with OnTarget Pro provides new ACES comparisons tools so that prior files can be effectively compared to new file submissions, thereby highlighting important changes in data. It is gaining rave reviews from early-adopter users.OptiCat’s Custom Fields, Formats & Rules- Allows data receivers to receive custom fields in addition to PIES fields into their native systems via OnDemand or OnMail.
  • OptiCat’s Custom Receiver Templates- In addition to custom fields, data receivers can obtain data in the format they desire.
  • Finding Aftermarket Parts is Easy with the New OptiCat “OnLine Parts Research Catalog.”
  • OptiCat’s NEW “Assessment Feature” – Allows suppliers to comment on Dropped/Added Parts & Vehicles as well as other OnTarget Pro Discrepancies and send to the receiver in an “Advance Data Shipping Notice.”

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