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OptiCat LLC Announces “PIES and PAdb Validation”

March 14, 2016 – SOUTH JORDAN, Utah – OptiCat’s ACES (Aftermarket Catalog Exchange Standard*) validation capability offered in its OnTarget Pro software (part of OptiCat’s OnBoard Pro Data Distribution System) has been recognized by automotive suppliers and distributors for its effectiveness in helping suppliers speed high-quality catalog data to market. Now, OptiCat is pleased to announce the…
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OptiCat LLC Announces “Part Type Position Validation”

February 11, 2016 – SOUTH JORDAN, Utah – Want to “sell more parts” by insuring that all your vehicle catalog parts positions are properly filled and named? Today OptiCat is pleased to announce that “Position Validation” is now available as part of the OnTarget Pro validation suite of products that is offered as part of OptiCat’s OnBoard…
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OptiCat Introduces “OnBoard Pro”, incorporating “OnTarget Pro”, now providing ACES Comparisons Capability

MAY 29, 2014 – SOUTH JORDAN, Utah – OptiCat LLC, a leading automotive aftermarket supplier data management company, is dedicated to assisting suppliers and parts selling outlets such as retailers and wholesalers in getting high quality, accurate catalog data to market faster, thereby providing more selling opportunities for the entire automotive aftermarket industry supply chain.…
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