OptiCat LLC Announces “PIES Mapping Solutions”

May 18, 2015 - SOUTH JORDAN, Utah – Does your cataloging department struggle with PIES (Product Information Exchange Standard)? Are you still supplying your customers with “flat files when they want PIES compliant XML files?

OptiCat, LLC announces today two PIES related services that are proven to help suppliers speed their product attribute data to market effectively while minimizing their cost of data conversion and release level updates.

First, OptiCat has developed a capability that will map the supplier’s current data, provided as “flat files to OptiCat, to create current PIES (now at release level 6.5) compliant files, all within the OptiCat OnBoard Pro system. PIES mapping uses the Auto Care Association Brand Table for BrandAAIAID and the Product Catalog Database (PCdb) standards that include Description, Price, Dimension, Weight, UPC, and numerous other product attribute data fields.

Second, since PIES is a living standard, meaning that it will be continuously updated. Suppliers must expend scarce resources to stay current. The OptiCat OnBoard Pro capability allows existing data developed by the supplier at a prior PIES release level to be automatically updated to the latest release level with the addition of a few data fields required by the current release level. OptiCat has added this important service at the request of suppliers who need to meet the latest standards and keep up with the fast changing data marketplace of the future, while minimizing their cost of conversion.

Bryan Thueson COO of OptiCat, stated, “The dynamic nature of the PIES standard means companies, both large and small, face the difficult challenge of dealing with standard compliance and updates. This often requires interface with other computer-based systems within their companies. OptiCat’s new service allows suppliers to achieve the latest standards with minimal disruption and cost. This is particularly true for those suppliers serving industry product segments that are not application specific or “vehicle year, make and model” focused. With our knowledge of the PIES environment, we can get suppliers up-and-running quickly and effectively. Many customers in the product distribution chain now require PIES compliant data and these new OptiCat services provide significant opportunities for suppliers to improve their relationships with their customers!”

OptiCat is “Building Innovative Technologies to Power your Parts to Market!”

About OptiCat LLC
OptiCat LLC, (www.opticat.net) OptiCat provides a “Network” of data validation, distribution, and assessment programs designed to optimize Suppliers data and its distribution to the marketplace. These programs help Suppliers improve trading partner relationships, eliminate catalog errors and speed cataloging information to market in “near real time”, helping everyone sell more parts!

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