OptiCat LLC Announces “Custom Branded Web Catalog Sites”

June 8, 2015  - SOUTH JORDAN, Utah – Does your WebCatalog Need a Facelift or more current data?

OptiCat is pleased to announce the availability of custom branded catalog web sites for suppliers and distributors utilizing the outstanding performance capabilities of its “OnLine Parts Research Catalog”. This OnLine Catalog is fed the freshest available supplier data by the OptiCat Data Repository in “near-real-time”. This allows suppliers to have data available to the marketplace almost immediately, thus allowing an alternative path for important information that could require as much as nine months, or more, to reach market. This new capability is offered in two forms:

Supplier Custom Branded Web Sites

OptiCat can now provide a custom web site for the supplier, under the supplier’s own brand, using the data resident in the OptiCat Data Repository, which can be customized to the supplier’s needs. This approach minimizes web site development effort and cost, while allowing the supplier site to be “up and running” in minimum time. This capability can be used for a variety of purposes including on-line selling and to develop custom product communication and training tools for the supplier’s field sales force, among others. The sites can be capable of handling image (including 360 degree images), custom messaging and other features. In order to access this capability, suppliers must be subscribers to OptiCat’s OnBoard Pro software system.

Catalog Web Services

In response to market demand, OptiCat also offers custom web services, allowing companies to access the “near real time” supplier data available via the OptiCat Data Repository. All data remains the property of the supplier and the supplier must approve delivery of the data via the OnBoard Pro system. Catalog web services allows companies who wish to pursue the development of a high performing web site with the freshest data without the challenges of collecting and maintaining cataloging data.

OptiCat COO Bryan Thueson commented, “OptiCat’s new “Custom Branded Web Site” capability provides all levels of the supply chain with the fast and a cost efficient path to offering their own, high performing web site capability. While many companies have already undertaken developing their own web sites utilizing in-house or third party resources, the new OptiCat capability can help them get there faster and with less expended resources, all directed at “helping sell more parts”.”

OptiCat is “Building Innovative Technologies to Power your Parts to Market!”

About OptiCat LLC
OptiCat LLC, (www.opticat.net) OptiCat provides a “Network” of data validation, distribution, and assessment programs designed to optimize Suppliers data and its distribution to the marketplace. These programs help Suppliers improve trading partner relationships, eliminate catalog errors and speed cataloging information to market in “near real time”, helping everyone sell more parts!

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