OptiCat LLC Announces “Part Type Position Validation”

February 11, 2016 – SOUTH JORDAN, Utah – Want to “sell more parts” by insuring that all your vehicle catalog parts positions are properly filled and named?

Today OptiCat is pleased to announce that “Position Validation” is now available as part of the OnTarget Pro validation suite of products that is offered as part of OptiCat’s OnBoard Pro software product line. This new capability assists aftermarket catalog departments in assuring that all needed parts locations, such as “right” or “left” are covered, as appropriate for a given vehicle application.

“Position Validation” goes even farther by helping suppliers choose naming conventions. The program provides a useful listing of generally, or most often used position names in the marketplace for a given part application. This is particularly useful when developing catalog data that will be used in automated search engines, which represents a significant portion of cataloging data today and in the future. If the wrong name or part location convention is chosen for a part, the part may be ignored by a given search engine that has been programmed by the search engine’s creators to recognize a different name.
Bryan Thueson, COO of OptiCat commented, “While each supplier may determine to use a given naming convention for its own reasons, it is the objective of the new OptiCat “Position Validation” capability to assist suppliers in making good decisions. It also helps insure that complete, accurate information is available to catalog developers about the part so that applications are not missed. All these will ultimately help sell more parts at all levels of distribution.”

Position Validation is the latest in a long history of creative applications provided by OptiCat’s OnTarget Pro system to help Suppliers deliver parts to market faster, while meeting data receiver requirements for high quality validation. Other features available within OnTarget Pro include VCDB Change Viewer, an ACES/PIES Research application, enhanced validations of both ACES and PIES data and seamless integration with the OnBoard Pro data delivery system, among others.

Let OptiCat “Help you Sell More Parts”!

About OptiCat LLC
OptiCat LLC, (www.opticat.net) Since 2012 OptiCat has been providing a “Network” of data validation, distribution, and assessment programs designed to optimize Suppliers data and its distribution to the marketplace. These programs help Suppliers improve trading partner relationships, eliminate catalog errors and speed cataloging information to market in “near real time”, helping everyone sell more parts!

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