OptiCat Announces its new OnBoard Pro API

September 25, 2018 – SOUTH JORDAN, Utah

OnBoard Pro is OptiCat’s innovative portal used by suppliers of cataloging data, to validate and securely deliver their data to data receivers in “near real time”. This portal also allows the supplier to securely approve who can access their data. OptiCat is pleased to announce that a new application programming interface (API) has been added to its OnBoard Pro data delivery and validation system, which allows seamless delivery of supplier data from third party or in-house product information management (PIM) systems directly to OptiCat. This new API is open to all approved catalog data management systems for smooth delivery of cataloging files such as ACES, PIES and IMAGES to supplier channel partners via the OptiCat system. OnBoard Pro is widely used and trusted for its user friendly interface, high security, high quality and fastest-to-market data delivery to over 500 data receivers in practically any format the data receiver requires.

“Every manual step of the data delivery process creates opportunities for mistakes and requires additional time.” Says Bryan Thueson, COO at OptiCat, “This new API will eliminate an entire category of cost and errors from the overall data delivery system, and allow all suppliers using a data management system provided by a third party or using internally built systems, to automate the delivery of data to any of OptiCat’s 500+ data receivers in the aftermarket.”

“The integration of OptiCat’s OnBoard Pro into catalog PIM systems is another great step towards reducing the costs of overall catalog data distribution for aftermarket suppliers, and further improving delivery time-to-market.” said Charley Johnson, CEO at OptiCat. He continued, “In addition, the ability provided by OnBoard Pro and its sister application OnDemand to allow customization of output formats by data receivers provides an additional advantage to third party and in-house PIM system developers that integrate into the OptiCat system.”

This new OnBoard Pro API is free and open to approved systems providers.

About OptiCat LLC
OptiCat LLC, (www.opticat.net) provides a “Network” of data validation, distribution, and assessment programs designed to securely optimize Suppliers' data and its distribution to the marketplace. These programs help Suppliers improve trading partner relationships, eliminate catalog errors, reduce information processing costs and speed cataloging information to global markets in “near-real-time”, with the ultimate objective of “Helping You Sell More Parts”! OptiCat also maintains the fastest-to-market industry-standard OnLine Parts Research Catalog at www.opticatonline.com.

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