OptiCat LLC and JNPSoft Announce New API Connection

October 29, 2018 – SOUTH JORDAN, Utah

OptiCat LLC and JNP Soft today announced that JNPSoft has established a direct link with the OptiCat OnBoard Pro data distribution system through OptiCat’s new API (Application Programming Interface), which will speed data from suppliers using the JNPSoft “PartCat” system (JNPSoft’s product information management system, or “PIM”) to the suppliers’ customers in “near-real-time”. This new API was introduced in late September and JNPSoft is the first software systems provider to create this direct link. For suppliers that utilize JNPSoft and OptiCat OnBoard Pro, this means elimination in another step in the distribution of their data to the marketplace, since the supplier can now distribute using the OptiCat system directly through the JNPSoft package.

In addition, the OptiCat system offers many advantages to suppliers, including the OnTarget Pro validation system that runs on the supplier’s computers alongside the supplier’s PIM system. Therefore, supplier catalog data is validated and corrected locally to the latest ACES and PIES standards prior to sending it through the OptiCat system. Now, through the new OptiCat API, JNPSoft PartCat system users have an even faster and simpler way of speeding high quality data to market.

Charley Johnson, OptiCat CEO commented, “JNPSoft’s integration with the new OptiCat API is yet another step towards “real-time” delivery of high quality data. Supplier enthusiasm for the availability of this new connection has been unprecedented. OptiCat is committed to the best possible solutions to help suppliers and their customers 'Sell More Parts'"

“Our goal has always been to provide a tool that will ease the data management task of our customers” said Nat Di Censo President at JNPSoft. He continued, “Offering an interface to Opticat OnBoard Pro from PartCat was a logical step for us, getting quality data out of our software as fast as possible to the market is what matters to our customers and this is an additional step in doing so."

This new API capability is now live and available at JNPSoft. OptiCat anticipates that other leading PIM systems providers and companies using their own, internally developed PIM systems will be connecting to the OptiCat system using the API in coming periods. To obtain the new API, please contact OptiCat at info@opticat.net or call Blake Barson at 801-542-0560.

About OptiCat LLC
OptiCat LLC, (www.opticat.net) provides a “Network” of data validation, distribution, and assessment programs designed to securely optimize Suppliers' data and its distribution to the marketplace. These programs help Suppliers improve trading partner relationships, eliminate catalog errors, reduce information processing costs and speed cataloging information to global markets in “near-real-time”, with the ultimate objective of “Helping You Sell More Parts”! OptiCat also maintains the fastest-to-market industry-standard OnLine Parts Research Catalog at www.opticatonline.com.

About JNPSoft
JNPSoft is an information technology solutions company that has focused on the Automotive Aftermarket since 2002. Its combined team of developers and product managers offer broad knowledge of the industry, making JNPSoft an industry leader when it comes to parts management solutions.

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