“At OptiCat, it is our mission to be “the” go-to- source for industry-wide, high value, data related programs benefiting aftermarket suppliers and their customers …. The Industry Strategic Advantage”

OptiCat has developed and continues to develop software programs which assist Suppliers and Receivers in the delivery and receiving of high quality catalog data. OptiCat is Auto Care Industry compliant focusing on ACES and PIES as standards throughout our software platforms. We work closely with the industry in many ways meeting with supplier, retailers, WD’s, Professional Shop and of course the Auto Care Association to ensure we are building programs that are needed in the aftermarket.

Our validation programs have helped suppliers to find and resolve thousands of data issues resulting in better quality data which means more timely data throughout the aftermarket. OptiCat is driven by the industry and is the only supplier-owned aftermarket company that is focused on providing affordable electronic cataloging solutions to the aftermarket.


Having a close relationship with TecAlliance, OptiCat can offer Suppliers, Retailers, Resellers, WD’s and Technology Partners access to global cataloging solutions. Give us a call if you plan to expand outside of NA and we can help you get there.

Why OptiCat?
  • We understand your needs, challenges and have the technology to help
  • Significant Time Savings in providing “Near Real Time”, Clean Accurate Data to Data Receivers
  • Data Suppliers and Receivers can efficiently manage their multiple data partner relationships in one application
  • Excellent validation tools with features to streamline the validation and assessment process
  • Software applications that allow you to compare ACES files to find accidental flaws in delivery files
  • Offer Global solutions and technology as a partner with TecAlliance/TecDoc
Ownership and Advisory Committee

OptiCat is owned by TecAlliance, AASA/MEMA and a group of supplier investors. Every new initiative is sponsored and advised by our Investor Advisory Panel to ensure our solutions benefit both Suppliers and their customers. We recognize that in order to be successful, our solution must benefit suppliers, data receivers, professional shops, consumers and the technology providers that support them.

Full Support for Auto Care Association Technology Standards

OptiCat is a strong supporter of the Auto Care Technology Standards for the North American Aftermarket.