June 14, 2017 – Introducing, The Global Aftermarket Research Catalog

OptiCat LLC announces the availability of its new Global Aftermarket Research Catalog, featuring product information covering 138 countries, with much of it available in 30 languages. Information in the catalog is made available through Suppliers and with the cooperation of TecAlliance GmbH, along with OptiCat, which bring together in one platform technology and information from the companies’ respective catalog product databases.

The advent of this catalog allows aftermarket professionals to access the widest possible array of products for a variety of purposes, such as developing global applications, viewing product mappings, product sourcing, and general research. It also provides a database that is searchable by product attribute, where Suppliers have populated the product attributes, so that professionals searching for parts having particular attributes can find the right part or parts for their applications.

In order to build this catalog, OptiCat and TecAlliance have developed a new solution that brings all this information into one common user interface, regardless of the data standards originally used to create the information. This allows flexible access to the information, via password from the OptiCat provided secure catalog web site.

As an added benefit of this effort, OptiCat is making available the capability for companies that are members of both the OptiCat and TecAlliance systems to show their parts in a custom “Supplier-Branded Global Aftermarket Catalog” showing only their parts. Examples of this are viewable at several current company sites, such as Gates’s Branded Global Catalog at “Gates.OptiCatOnLine.com”, Walker Products at “WalkerProducts.OptiCatOnLine.com”, and Plews and Edelmann at “plews-edelmann.opticatonline.com” These custom branded catalogs can be built to allow custom access defined by the site owner/supplier, such as by specific customers or for internal use by the company’s sales and product development teams.

“We believe this new Global Catalog is an industry game changer”, says Bryan Thueson, Chief Operating Officer of OptiCat. “The fact that we have brought together true global data into one simple user interface provides an all-new capability to the parts aftermarket with myriad potential applications.”

Charley Johnson, OptiCat Chief Executive Officer, observed, “This new catalog is the most exciting news in in automotive parts cataloging. It brings together access to Brands and products from all over the world in one place, thus providing the ultimate in access for automotive professionals. Anyone in this business with a good imagination should be able to put this great tool to productive use!”

Product information for locations outside the USA and Canada will be available in 30 languages for any specific country’s data. For instance, data for vehicles operating in China could be accessed in Chinese, French, Danish or any of the 27 other available languages. Data for the USA and Canada will currently be available only in English.

Access to this Global Aftermarket Catalog is available immediately with a low cost annual subscription from OptiCat LLC. Contact Marc Poulsen for a subscription. If you would like more information on the custom, private branded catalogs to “help you sell more parts” give us a call.

Why OptiCat?About OptiCat LLC

OptiCat LLC, (www.opticat.net) OptiCat provides a “Network” of data validation, distribution, and assessment programs designed to optimize Suppliers' data and its distribution to the marketplace. These programs help Suppliers improve trading partner relationships, eliminate catalog errors, reduce information processing costs and speed cataloging information to global markets in “near real time”, helping everyone “Sell More Parts”! OptiCat also maintains the fastest, most current, industry-standard OnLine Parts Research Catalog at www.opticatonline.com.

For more information, contact OptiCat LLC Marc Poulsen 801-542-0560 mpoulsen@opticat.net