Receiver Catalog Data Selection, Template Creation and Delivery Porta

Having Clean and Accurate data really makes a difference when trying to build an electronic catalog. The cleaner this data the faster it processes into systems, and the better the results on the counter. Receiving catalog and product information quickly and efficiently is vital for data receivers to compete in the Automotive Aftermarket. OptiCat's OnDemand software helps data receivers manage their data relationships with a comprehensive and secure authorization system, validation routines that check data and a delivery engine that takes pain out of receiving product information from suppliers. For even better data, request your suppliers to use OptiCat's OnTarget validation software. How nice, one place to go to get all your aftermarket cataloging data. You can even create your own custom format of PIES™ or flat data by controlling the fields and their placement in the delivery file.

OnDemand is based on a SaaS (software as a service) model that requires no complex local installation. It includes the ability to receive ACES®, PIES™, Images and other data like pricing from suppliers in a secure and efficient way. Private labeling support is built into the solution. Relationships are managed through a “handshake” system where receivers request data and suppliers grant access once to the cataloging information, then every time a new file is uploaded the receiver has the data automatically delivered to its eMail address or FTP server. Receivers are also notified of its availability and delivery automatically.

Uploaded files are checked for compliance to the VCDB and PCDB as well as XML formatting rules. Receivers that use OnDemand are spending less time on manual data processing tasks. Data Receivers have confidence in knowing that their data is up to date and correct. Many data receivers have built in automated processing routines so that data is received, processed into a catalog and available to the market within 4 to 48 hours.

Easy to use Web-based toolset with custom PIES™ Templates

System Requirements

  • Windows Platform, Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 or greater, Google Chrome or Firefox Internet Connectivity

Key Benefits

  • Clean and Accurate Data.
  • Central Repository model—that delivers Cataloging, Product Information and Images efficiently from Data Suppliers and their brands, all from one place.
  • Efficient and fast delivery of data.
  • Improved service from suppliers — with less reprocessing.
  • Better control of data partner relationships.
  • Custom built Product Information Output Templates.
  • Image Sync Service (New)
  • Heavy Duty Data (New)

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