Supplier ACES® Data Validation, Content Comparison and Assessment Program

Having quality data is critical to compete in this competitive parts selling environment and for reducing returns. Also, having well formed and correct ACES® files is vital for delivery of data to today's high tech receivers who can process your data and have it to market in hours instead of months. OptiCat OnTarget is a toolset with services that validate supplier data, identifying errors in mapping, output logic and even data mapping issues with the PCDB and VCDB. It will also compare your new ACES® file with the file you delivered previously and shows you dropped parts and vehicles as well as those added and many other features.

OnTarget provides onsite, locally available functionality that enables a discreet quality control function on suppliers cataloging output and product information management system output logic. Issues are exposed internally allowing catalog managers to make any necessary corrections before their downstream partners find them and create painful assessment document which are sometimes weeks later.

File Selection Screen with Integration to OnBoard

Key Benefits

  • Increased speed to market - resulting in more sales.
  • Optimized error handling - you find errors before your customers do.
  • Tools to view and troubleshoot XML data with ease.
  • More effective presentation of your data at point of sale — fewer returns.
  • Better quality control of all major components of the cataloging chain.
  • Integration to OptiCat OnBoard and OnDemand
  • View Receiver Requirements
  • Ability to validate ACES® data against current or previous versions of the VCDB and PCDB .

OnTarget Pro - Validation and Assessment Toolset with integration to OnDemand

OptiCat OnTarget Pro is an expanded OnTarget system with services that validate supplier data, identifying errors in mapping, output logic and even data mapping issues with the PCDB and VCDB. OnTarget Pro has the ability to compare current ACES® files with previously distributed files to view new or dropped vehicles and parts as well as potential changes in the data. Additionally users are able to see the expectations for data quality from their major data receivers called Receiver Requirements and are able to see upfront if the file will be accepted by their customers based on their requirements.

Example Summary Screen Showing File Comparison Results

System Requirements

  • Minimum - a 32 bit Windows 7 or 8 operating system with 4 gigabytes of RAM and at least 10 gigabyte of free hard drive space
  • Recommended - a 64bit Windows 7 or 8 operating system with 8 gigabytes of RAM with at least 20 gigabyte of free hard drive space.

Additional Benefits

  • ACES® data comparison to previously distributed data finding dropped records
  • Increased speed to market with major data receivers - resulting in more sales.
  • Helps catalog managers verify the data is accurate and complete.
  • New or Deleted Parts, Vehicles, Part Types and potential changes in the data are visible as shown above.
  • All results are exportable to a text file.
  • Improved relationship with data receivers — with less reprocessing.
  • Integration to OptiCat OnDemand Receiver Requirements.
  • Reduced Assessment time with data receivers.
  • PIES™ Validation (New)
  • VCdb Validation (New)
  • Position Validation (New)
  • Assessment Documents (New)
  • Automated Data Delivery Documents (New)

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