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OnBoard & OnBoardPro

  • Supplier Catalog Data Validation, Authorization and Distribution Portal
  • ACES Validator to AAIA, XSD, VCDB and PCDB
  • Receiver Authorization System
  • Cataloging and Product Data Distribution System (FTP and Email)
  • Custom Product Information Templates
  • PIES Export from Flat File
  • Image Sync Service (New)
  • Heavy Duty Data (New)
  • ACES/PIES Private Label File Creation (New)

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  • Receiver Catalog Data Selection, Template Creation and Delivery Portal
  • Data Selection
  • Authorization System
  • Custom Data Templates for producing flat file or XML Formats
  • Interchange Data
  • Email Notifications
  • FTP/Email Delivery Options
  • Data Delivery
  • Image Sync Service (New)
  • Heavy Duty Data (New)

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 OnTarget & OnTargetPro

  • Supplier ACES Data Validation, Content Comparison and Assessment Program
  • ACES Validator to AAIA, XSD, VCDB and PCDB (Current or Historical)
  • Duplication Check
  • Overlap Check
  • Overlap with Notes Check
  • Note Conflict Check
  • Valid Positions
  • Valid Part Types
  • Quantity Conflicts
  • XML Viewer
  • PIES Validation (New)
  • VCdb Validation (New)
  • Position Validation (New)
  • Assessment Documents (New)
  • Automated Data Delivery Documents (New)

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Web Catalog

Success in the Automotive Aftermarket means having the right parts at the right time. OptiCat’s WebCatalog is an additional product to help customers get it right, with extensive auto parts data and photos that are just a click away in the OptiCat Web Catalog. This can be an easy alternative to the traditional paper catalog. The WebCatalog is a powerful tool that allows for multiple searches for automotive parts. This WebService returns a search based on a Make, Model, Year lookup.

  • Supplier Brand Support (New)
  • AASA Know Your Parts (New)
  • VIN Lookup (New)