OptiCat’s Strategic Advantage

  • Speed to Market by distributing multiple files to multiple data receivers all at once via Email or FTP.
  • Securely deliver your data to a pre-selected list of Receivers automatically when you upload your files.
  • Securely distribute Private Label data to specific Receivers.
  • ACES Data Validation and Assessment Program helps reduce the time to market by helping you minimize the assessment processes.
  • Deliver all types of data such as ACES, PIES, IMAGES and any other type file you need your receivers to have.
  • Know who your receivers are and who's getting your data and when they last got the data from you.
  • Upload and distribute product information data from a FLAT text file.
  • Convert your PIES flat data into PIES 6.5 XML data.

OptiCat's Solutions Include: